Axle Seat, ¾ High 5 x 5 Sq Fab 19362-01
Axle Seat, ¾" High 5 x 5 Sq Fab 19362-01
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Axle Seat, ¾ High 5 x 5 Sq Fab 19362-01

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Cross References: HU2E, M17728, E-7630, R307630, 19365-01, 7757-01, 09-3264, H174, SB1454, SB2673, 338-473
Mfg: NSI (Aftermarket)
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Our Part Number: AXLS-HU2E
Weight: 5.55 lbs.
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Axle Seat, ¾" High 5 x 5 Sq Fab replaces 19362-01
Hutchens: 7600/7700/9600/9700 Widespread Suspension(61"-121" Axle Spacing)
Hutchens: H/CH-7600/7650/9600 Series Suspension(49"-54.5" Axle Spacing)


093264,1936501, 20HT775701, 25769, 338473, 775701, 93264, E7630, H1100, H174, HT769, HU2E, M17728, MHS775701, R307630, S5077, SB1454, SB2673

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